About FuturesLab CoFi

FuturesLab  CoFi is a research group with focus on futures research, foresight and scenario approach. CoFi was founded in 1999 at Åbo Akademi and has been a part of Laurea University of Applied Sciences since 2010. Previously FuturesLab CoFi was known as Corporate Foresight Group CoFi.

FuturesLab CoFi is an expert in futurology, especially on   combining   it   to   strategy   work.   CoFi works  in  cooperation    both  with  private  and public  organizations  from  different  sectors.

The main research areas are
  • Citizens’ wellbeing
  • Living in a sustainable community
  • Metal and machine industry in global competition
  • Sustainable business practices & business model
  • Future skills and competences

FuturesLab  CoFi focuses on
  • Future driven innovation processes and visionary concept design
  • Scenario process
  • Company strategies
FuturesLab  CoFi offers organizations research, development, consulting and education services. We have experience in short-term customer-spesific projects as well as in long-term, multi-partner futures research projects.

Contact us to find out how  we can help you in futures issues! 

Dr Tarja Meristö, firstname.lastname@laurea.fi

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